This website brings together information relating to colleges and universities both in the USA and the UK. We provide overviews and links to courses, as well as helpful resources on both sides of the Atlantic.

Educational Systems

The education systems in the UK and USA vary in a number of respects, including entry qualifications and grading scales. For more information please visit the Education Systems page.


Travel Information

Travel abroad can be both exciting and stressful, even when you speak the language! There are entry permits and work Visas to think about, as well as the travel arrangements themselves. You will find a host of useful information to lighten the burden on our Travel Information page.


Student Accommodation

Accommodation in the major cities of both the UK and USA can be expensive unless you know where to look. We outline a number of helpful resources on our Student Accommodation page.

Further Resources

You will find additional useful resources under ‘Anglo American Services’ on the right. Study in Britain is a directory of courses and other resources in the UK and Ireland. You will find a lot of information on topics including funding, scholarships, roommate search and accommodation.

Paul Brown Training Ltd is a UK based Microsoft Office training courses provider who specialise in International student programmes. Using their online system they can deliver live 1-1 tutor-led training on all aspects of Microsoft Office including Excel & Word.

We will be adding more helpful resources as this website grows, so do check back regularly.